Baray 빌라

Baray 빌라, 남부 태국의 푸켓 섬에 카타 해변 (Kata Beach)에 위치한 고급스러운 리조트. 자신의 멋진 아직 미적 디자인으로 유명합니다, 빌라는 아시아와 아라비아의 영향의 융합 아르.

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Baray 빌라 푸켓 포토 갤러리

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The beautifully designed villas comprise an upstairs bedroom with an oversized king bed, large flat-screen television with internet connectivity and bathroom with separate shower and large bath tub. The downstairs features a very comfortable living area with an in-floor cool water Jacuzzi which opens out into a private plunge pool. The plunge pool also connects via privacy gates to the main swimming pool. A truly unique and appealing design sure to impress even the most jaded travellers.

Other privately owned Baray Villas are located in Italy and Tanzania.
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