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Baray Villas, ylellinen lomakeskus sijaitsee Kata Beachillä Phuketin saarella Etelä-Thaimaassa. Kuuluisia upeista vielä esteettinen muotoilu, huvilat ovat yhdistelmä aasialaisia ​​ja Arabian vaikutteita.

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The beautifully designed villas comprise an upstairs bedroom with an oversized king bed, large flat-screen television with internet connectivity and bathroom with separate shower and large bath tub. The downstairs features a very comfortable living area with an in-floor cool water Jacuzzi which opens out into a private plunge pool. The plunge pool also connects via privacy gates to the main swimming pool. A truly unique and appealing design sure to impress even the most jaded travellers.

Other privately owned Baray Villas are located in Italy and Tanzania.
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